Thursday, October 15

my worries as a dad

these are my concerns:

i'm worried i'm not a good enough role model for my dotting child.

i'm worried she'll be disappointed that one day when she asks me math question and i would be clueless.

i'm worried when i see kids too young to be be doing what they are doing on the streets.

i'm worried about the kind of education she'll go through.

i'm worried about a lot of other things.

parenthood is certainly rewarding, as much as it is worrisome.

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Ah Jo said...

When I was still a child, well at least up to teenage years, I thought my parents were the smartest persons in the world whom could give me all the answers I am seeking.

But as I grow, left home, and grew into woman, I realised my parents are just like anyone of us, they do not always have the answers. And I had to seek answers from other sources.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that they are not good enough. They may not know everything, but they sure do can give you anything possible within their abilities.