Wednesday, February 25

she looks like

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Wednesday, February 18

she's so small

minute, delicate, beautiful, precious, miracle.

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Tuesday, February 17

her new activity centre

since birth aisya has been spending her time on the tilam kekabu that was speacially made for her, and we thought that she deserved an upgrade, and tadaaa her new place to sleep and play.

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it's a Graco Pack 'n Play Playard - Safari Friends model, which aisya really loved when we put her on it for a test run, well aisya didn't really said she liked it, alahh the parents loved it, so we bought it lar.

anyway the reason we chose this model is because the overall material seemed rather durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, about 2 - 3 minutes once you get the hang of it, very portable and the 399 price tag was within our budget.

hmm, i think i need to learn to give a better product review, because we're gonna review diapers next, hehe.

Monday, February 16

she's okie again

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aisya's is good as new, and she's smiling again. and we are so happy that our bundle of joy is back to normal. but on the other hand, mama rynn isn't doing so well experiencing a spade of diarrhea and nausea, i hope she gets well soon because the lady is my pillar of strength.

Friday, February 13

can i swear?

i work at place where the internet connection is claimed to be one of the fastest in the land.


Request Blocked by URL Filter Database

Your request to URL " =de%26u=" has been blocked by the Webwasher URL Filter Database. The URL is listed under categories (Anonymizing Utilities, Government/Military), which are not allowed by your administrator at this time. The following reputation level was assigned to it: Neutral.

go figure, toot.

Thursday, February 12

aisya sick

aisya was not too well yesterday. she was sick, we were worried sick.

aisya's a big smiler, laughs a lot, but yesterday while not feeling well, she didn't smile at all.

i felt butterflies in my stomach, so did rynn.

that must be what parents feel when their child is not well, endangered.

you should love your parents more, i do now.

aisya had a bit of fever + constipation, she's ok again today =)
mama rynn just came back from the pediatrician (dr. fadzillah), and say's that maybe aisya has cow's milk protein allergy, so we are gonna stop with the similac the current baby formula we're using and swith to nestle nan h.a. 1, so we gonna see how this one goes.

Friday, February 6

mama's dillema

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when u have a kid, a cute daughter more so, you know that she's the most important part of your life, right up there on every list that you can conjure. that's when sacrifices need to be made.

mama rynn loves lil' aisya very2 much, and yesterday was her first day at work. a few days leading up to yesterday, mama rynn has been in quite a distress with the thought of aisya not there beside her. even though aisya's in very good hands, because there's her nenek to look after her, but still i understand how uneasy it must feel to part even for a while, a part of you that you carried inside of you for nine long months, and add that to the past two months where you showered all your attention to her come day, come night.

i don't think i'll ever catch up with rynn, i've never bathed aisya, i've changed her diapers twice, i did foot the hospital bill, buy her stuff, talk to and play with her and etc. i snore at night and wake both of them up continuously (i've tried breatheright - doesn't work for me), the list can continue and i'll just never measure up to rynn.

that's probably it, i'm the dad, however hard i try i'll never be like the mom. but, it just make sense right now for me to be a really good dad, to provide the best for the family and play my part.

get married, have kids, and you'll see what i mean.

p/s: sayang you're the greatest!

Thursday, February 5

aisya hits 2nd gear

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our lil munchkin is 2 months old!