Tuesday, February 23

Ms. Personality

lil munchkin, like a rainbow, you awe me always.
i'm gonna be away (for a while) now,
look over mommy and lil sis(soon),
its gonna be a long 6 months away for me,
but i know you're gonna zoom through it,
i hope you wont forget my face by then, princess.

with love,

Saturday, February 13

aisya hospitalized

salam peeps,

Aisya is currently warded at KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital (formerly Selangor Medical Center) in Sec. 20 S. Alam.

After a week of on and off fever, diarrhea and recent bout vomiting, we decided to try this hospital instead of our regular DEMC. Its really a challenge caring for a sick baby at home because you are almost clueless as what should be done because babies aren't able to tell you whats wrong with them, and you sometimes cant really figure if ur really attending to their needs.

So we met a new paediatrician, Dr. Yasmin, found her pleasing and comforting enough to consult us, and she recommended aisya to be warded for observation. Took a blood test, and it pains you to see you darling child screaming her lungs off, rasa nak nangis tengok.

Blood test showed some kind of viral infection, this would be the second time she's warded for this thingy, hmmm zaman kite besar dulu jarangkan dengar viral fever ni?

So, setelah lenguh2 badan duduk kat ward, i pun turun ke dai mamak update blog guna HP ni, susah jugak tulah ayat sedikit meracau, anyway aisya's getting better and she's at ward 3A, room 344 if u happen to be around here, just drop by =).

Tats all folks, trala

Thursday, February 11

it's almost time

i think it's gonna be anytime soon, you guys know what i'm talking about..

any day now, pray the best for us, will update soon!

Tuesday, February 9

heavy headed

my head feels heavy and so does my heart,

its confirmed, the letter is on its way, i've been called on to my compulsory six months course, i'm gonna leave on the first of March with a heavy heart.

just so if u are wondering where i'm going, its off to the National Institute of Public Administration, to attain a Diploma in Public Admin, a prerequisite to attain confirmation as an Administrative & Diplomatic Officer.

the thing is, wifey is gonna deliver soon, and i won't be around during the confinement period, and by the time i get back, dear baby will be 7 months old, and she's not gonna recognize me, huhuhu :***( . i know i'm being melodramatic here, but geesh its gonna be quite sometime away from my loved ones, because i wont have the pleasure of coming home on weekends.

i dunnolah, people like to say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, i feel weak i my stomach right now and i'm no tough guy.


Wednesday, February 3

we've been off the grid!

Salam and hello family and friends!

Dah lama betul saya tak update blog or login facebook, adakah saya busy? Yes, period.

To my unmarried friends, enjoy what little time you have to spare while you can, before you tie the knot because marriage dear friends, consumes you, in a good way of course. Married with kid(s), equals a juggling act of work and family, and once in a while you'll be like me falling off the grid, almost failing to find enough time to do unessential stuff like keeping track of friends, going to movies, even going for my cuppas with wifey. It's rewarding nonetheless, to come home to your 1 year old cute-as-a-cupcake daughter impersonating her pregnant mother's way of walking, a definite stress buster.

A quick update on how we're coping:-
  • Wifey sayang's EDD (Expected Due Date for the clueless) is around 27th Feb, but we and the doctor are expecting it to be around 7 to 9 days from now, so Insyaallah by the 13th, there will be good news peeps.
  • Aisya has been such an angel, a blessing, making life so much rosier. Presently, she hums in the morning while stretching in bed and when she's watching Play House Disney, she dances to the music, she no longer walks but runs, climbing up and down the stair is second nature, and banyak lagi. It's so amazing how fast babies grow up and sometimes you just lose track of what they can do. One last thing, i think she's gonna speak soon.
  • I'm really excited for our second baby, rynn has been so strong, toughing herself each day to go to work even though on days when it is physically not durable for her to do so.
  • I'm very nervous at the moment, because i might be called away for a 6 months course any time now. Its a prerequisite course for me to attain confirmation for my current job, so that's a long time to be away from home, especially since there's gonna be two babies now instead of one.
  • I've been thinking everyday about this course, in traffic jams, before going to bed, i have no idea how my sayang is gonna go through it, i'm hoping for the best, and deep down inside i know my wife is a women made of titanium =).

cheerio, have a nice day!