Wednesday, October 14


I bet you have noticed the excessive amount of ads bombarded daily through every medium possible, the mass media, in all the bills (astro/celcom), and what not, but it kinda raised my eyebrow when i start having people who meet me greeting "Salam 1Malaysia" instead of the normal good morning.

Was Malaysia ever more than 1 that you need to proclaim it as such?

I understand the need to unite the people,

but i think we can really call ourselves Malaysians,
  • when a chinese is able to tell me in jest that the malays are simply lazy without me wielding a keris at him.
  • when a malay can tell his chinese buddy that all chinese are cheats when it comes to money, without the friend swearing profanities at him,
  • and when we can tell an indian that all indians are "kaki belit" without being hit with a hockey stick.
we're so sensitive towards all racial markers, that i think we really need learn to be insensitive.

and please, do we really need theme songs for every other awareness campaign?

all we need is some people, some brotherly universal ♥.

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Ah Jo said...

I know. I think it's really silly to have such propaganda. It's like we are living in the communism era. And the government need to sing such songs to drill some so-called "new ideas" into the heads of its people.

come on lah. If the government really wants to make everyone happy, focus on education, healthcare and economy. Not some silly ideas or concepts that doesn't really see any fruits to it.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more;)

fireangel said...

haha..ko nk car sticker 1malaysia x ridz..aku ade byk..kat keta aku pon ade satu..hahaha...