Saturday, May 30

aisya and her new skill @ skills??

yesterday our day was lifted by the skill shown by lil' usual, aisya wont do it when we are around... masa mama n papa sibuk kemas bilik smlm, die kat atas katil dr baring --> meniarap --> munyusur --> taadaa!!! angkat buntut n tangan serentak (mcm kucing tu)and goyang2 badan.. she is still in the stage of figuring how to move kot.. thats why the goyang happened larr kot..

aisya is going to be 6 mths old in another 1 week time.. hmm just to share my thots with u guys.. sepanjang my 9 mths mengandungkan aisya, i sgt2la jarang minum susu (i tak suka and i'm allergic to the white color milk).. so gynae prescribed calcium, i mean the pills utk cover la ape2 yg patut yg kurang dlm badan nih.. tp itupun i slalu skip... ridz yg rajin mkn all those calcium pills.. hmm towards the end of the pregnancy, i amik jugakla, bcoz deep inside my heart ade gak la rasa takut baby kurang calcium, nnt baby lembik la, lmbt angkat tengkuk la, malas nak gerak la.. mcm2 la org kata.. tp alhamdulilah, progress aisya so far baikk, bdn keras, kalau dukung skrg asyik mintak lepas, pegang kaki lepas kat bwh dgn kuatnye die lompat2 (happy feet).. start meniarap masa 2 mths ++, 3 mths die rolled over dgn baik, 4 mths dah gerak mcm askar, and now dah nak merangkak.. i'm sooo happy and bersyukur..

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bila fikir2, ni semua Allah punya kuasa, kalau Dia izinkan, semua akan jadi.. insyaallah... hugs n kisses to u AISYA MYSARA.. muaxx

Wednesday, May 20

tok guru lantai

was doing some grocery shopping with sayang yesterday when she spotted this brand.

i just have to share it with everyone.


Monday, May 18

baby qaisara on board

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p/s: sayang kena edit post ni ye!

are we alike?

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many have said that aisya looks like me, ye ke? u be the judge and tell me! apart from the dimples i cant spot apa yang sama lor.

Friday, May 15

i.s.o workshop

@ armada p.j. going thru this tormenting workshop since yesterday on how to go about getting MS ISO 9001:2008 for the org, not really keen on it though its for some sort of betterment.

miss my lil angel & darling, didnt not wake up to their faces today.

Wednesday, May 13


i dunno where i going in terms of me career.

a tesl grad, i taught english for while in uitm, many of the rest were basically in the same line, teaching. it was a sound option, ok salary and relatively easy job, and i felt bored...

yet i went on to do my masters (i've stopped at the 2nd semester - bored?) because i've landed on another job which looked a tad more interesting.

and i dunno, wierd lar because right now i'm dealing with land matters.

i've no idea where i'm heading to and i just hope frost's the road not taken applies to me.

go figure! (directed at meself)

Monday, May 11

happy mother's day

you must be thinking that ooo-ohhh ridz lupa ucap happy mothers day kat dear wife rynn, hehe nah i didn't forget, just that i wanna put it in words.

mommy rynn,
my greatest love,
mom to my lil angel,
always putting us before yourself,
showering us with love,
selfless / generous,
caring / gentle,
the sexiest mommy ever

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p/s: aisya sends her love and thanks for the new car seat.

Sunday, May 10

aisya's first word

mmm..mmmm... mmamaamaa.. mamamabababa..

how are these words produced by lil aisya?? kalau ikut kajian mama sendiri, lately aisya suka sgt 'kemam' lower lip die.. bila die nak tido, aisya nyanyi lagu sendiri smpai tido.. lagu die mmm.. mmm.. mmm (ada tone turun naik).. tetiba smlm masa papa n mama siap2 nak keluar jalan ni, die kat atas katil duk golek2 smbil tarik kaki ke mulut, keluarkan bunyi precious "mmm mommamaabbaaabaaba.."

since aisya discovered yg die bleh keluarkan dua suku kata ni, she keeps on practising smpaila skrg, asal ade org duk ckp dekat die, mulalah nak tunjuk skill..

mama n papa are veryy very teruja with the new skill that u have up to now lil aisya!! syabbass mere bette!!

pa + ma photo blogging craze

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made @ picnik

Friday, May 8

blogging from me phone

im always a step behind when it comes down to owning a phone. Bila peepz semua guna polyphonics i was still ringing to monotones, orang pakai mms bertahun dah, me? Baru hujung thn lps try skali, for the in-laws to view aisya from Mekah.

Hehe, but i've just bumped myself up to a wifi + qwerty keyboard mobile, shucks first time in my life that ive used a phone that's more than 400 bucks.

hehe, it does feel cool to update ur blog from da phone!

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p/s: i know ppl have been doing it for ages :p

Thursday, May 7

aisya gives us the kicks

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Wednesday, May 6

pimping up the lawn (after)

it used to look like this

now it looks like this, but 10% of it is still under progress coz the gardener cabut, so terpaksa pandai2 buat sendirila.

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Tuesday, May 5

and she turns 5 mths..

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