Monday, November 24

nad's wedding

shes rynn's colleague and we attended her wedding last saturday.

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Thursday, November 6

brief hiatus

we've not updated the blog quite a while, since which many things have passed.
  • we've had a false alarm, funny in the sense when we arrived, the attendent had asked whether "Puan ni sakit perut ke sakit nak beranak?" to which the reply was "tak tahu". Secondly, "Puan ada rasa contractions tak?" which was replied "tak tahulah contractions to macam mana." Anyway it was a good learning experience, i've learnt that i now need to be prepared at all times, and both of us pun dah attend an antenatal class, so we are technically in the know-how (sort of) .
  • We've moved in the the new house! This would be the third week, definitely interesting surviving on our four feet!
  • We've had elia & sis, zack & shida over and we would say it's interesting to be the host =]
  • what else? i dunno we'll need to put that in the next post, toodlez!