Saturday, April 26

mommy & daddy to be!

Sayang is gonna be a Mommy!

i'm too elated to describe how i feel, seronok sangat tak tahu nak kata apa, i can only smile, and smile, and when we're together, we giggle and giggle. Both of us are thankful, excited, surprised, nervous, just emotionally overwhelmed.

too excited

we found out two weeks ago, so this is sort of a delayed transmission, but news is already spreading, so do doakan kesejahteraan baby kitorang ni kay? The baby is about 7 weeks old now and she/he probably gonna make his/her big showcase come this december, hehe!

i'm so so so happy that i think my beautiful bubbly wife deserves these. ini bukanlah sogokan but a token of love and appreciation (cheewah!) baby i want more babies tau!

versace glasses


Friday, April 11

knok.. knokk!! is there a doctor in the house??

You really want to know the whole story is it, sayang?? yess, u were talking last night!! even though your eyes were closed.. hee takutnyee!! ini yg awk cakap..

Ridz: oowwhh, uhumm, yes.. yess.. ok.. are you sure? she is pregnant? really really pregnant? hehehe..(continue smiling :D.. pastu dah start merapu wkrzpkh wkpszzz!@%$??)

In addition to that, you were also giggling (mcm happy sgt sbb doctor dlm mimpi tu beritahu good news). well, I'm not very sure whether the conversation was with a doctor or someone else.. but you sounded like you were talking to a doctor la sayang.. that's what i can tell..

Anyway sayang, i do realize that you can't wait to be a father.. lately suka sgt tgk babiess.. well, we'll pray together and hopefully Allah will grant us with His beautiful and wonderful gifts soon.. insyaallah

wet dreams

Wife sayang said while i was sleeping last night i held a loud monologue which woke her up. She said i had a one-man conversation with what apparently sounded like a doctor, discussing about her pregnancy! Muahaha, i didn't get the full story from sayang yet because both of us were rushing to work this morning, so if you're reading this dear can you reconstruct my weird dream last night because i have no idea what i said in my dream!

For the uninformed, i have a tendency to talk in my sleep, and on rare occasion i practice a bit of sleep walking ")

Sunday, April 6

forever and a day

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Renjis2 Dipilis..Ditepungilah Tawar..

we (mama, ayah, anif, ridz and me) attended my bestesst cousin's reception today. it was held somewhere in kuala selangor.. the kampung scenery was great that turned the reception into a very wonderful event.. our family was warmly welcomed by the thundering rythm of the kompang group, bunga manggar and i least expected to see, fireworks !! haha!! weird yet interesting aight?? susah nak dpt suasana mcm ni kat bandar..

chickens were running everywhere, chickens' poops were also everywhere, with the karaoke event, huhlamakk, bintang2 kat kampung semua nak tunjuk tererr!! surprisingly makcik2 and pakcik2 ni yg tak nak henti2 nyanyi.. huhu.. well, this would be the only time where all the family members will gather, buat lawak, gelak2 sampai tak sedar diri.. oh ye, and tunjuk bakat terpendam.. kuikui!!

in this reception, i was given a chance to do the upacara "menepung tawar".. dapat merenjis pengantin!! amik bunga rampai.. tabur.. amik beras kunyit.. tabur.. amik air mawar.. renjis.. syoknye, tp sbb syok sgt, smpai basah jugak bj melayu pengantin lelaki aku siram.. heheh!! i'm sorry mr bridegroom..

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selamat berbahagia my dearest cousin Anna & Sahrul..

Wednesday, April 2

good news

fellow teslian Aqilah is getting married in April, next week that is! from our days in the Uni, Aqilah has always been this elusive yet funny lass, and now she suddenly sends such wonderful news, very like her =)

Congrats Babe **claps** from rynn and me