Wednesday, December 16

teramat sibuk

pheww, it's been really hectic. there's never enough time, and i miss writing about dearie wife and aisya sayang. in fact, i have a meeting to catch up to in 10 minutes.

i'll rush through the things i wanna say,
  • wife, i love u especially when u're pregnant, even though at times u think ur fat and unattractive, but dear, doubt not, your growing tummy is the loveliest sight to behold.
  • dear daughter, happy 1st birthday ever, papa's been slacking a lot, too tired to play sometimes with you my lil angel. It's been trying times for me of late, financially, work and what not. I'll make it up to you, i promise.
  • dear daughter, i dunno but i just notice that u are like me in many funny ways. U talk in your sleep like i do, fart as indiscriminately as i, and forever restless in your undertakings as i have all my life. i love u for the little smiles, and whacks u give me in the face, i know i deserve those.
got work to do, people to meet, memos to signs, and im not sure what i doing sometimes. but this i know, i wanna get home and kiss both my love tonight!

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Saturday, December 12

gynae n paed @ UMRA


i did my 7 months check up @ UMRA sec 13, why not DEMC? my gynae pi buat haji.. hopefully dia ada masa i nak deliver nnt. i sgt2 suka gynae ni, sgt2 lembut, baik and bersifat ibu2.. sakit nak keluarkan baby dr perut pun bleh kurang kalau die handle rasanya (lembut n sopan sgt orangnye)..

as for aisya, sbb paed pun ade kat UMRA, so trus dapatkan 1st year punya jab kat situ. Alhamdulilah, supergirlku tak nangis.. gagah anak mama nih..

1 year / 12 months : 9.99kg ; 77cm

TOTAL BILL : rm289 (errkkk!! *&%$$@@@^#$%^*& sakit jiwa)

p/s: cerita pasal birthday aisya kami blom sempat post lg.. hmm computer hantar pi reformat, so takde akses.. papa plak sgt2 bz nak update.. insyaallah ada kesempatan, kami letak gmbar bnyk2, bukan gmbr mamapapa, tp si kenit aisya!! ooohhh sgt obses ngan budak nih!!