Monday, October 19

human nature or is it nurture?

rynn works on shifts, and her off days are not usually on weekends, so i'm privileged enough to be able to be a full time house husband on those weekends. on these particular days i would spent the whole time with lil sayang, playing my caretaker part, and at times we do go out on little excursion to the mall, fast-food joints, etc.

It's on these outings, a clumsy dad with the cute little munchkin, would go out into the open world without the security of a caring mom and we meet a lot of people on these trips.

if you are a parent, a father particularly, you would have noticed the extra attention that is required of us when we bring along a baby, that wonderful little explorer of ours. Its during these bring-along(s) that i've come to know along good folks around us. people who:-
  • open doors for you when they see you stumbling to carry your baby in the sling, while pushing baby-related stuff.
  • offer help to transfer groceries from the shopping cart to the cashier when they see you with a sleeping child on your elbow.
  • these are the same people who would let you get in front of them in long queues.
  • go out of the way to pick up things the lil one would drop on the floor,
  • they do it without being asked to, do it with grace and smile, and they make my day.
but its not everyday i meet these people. i do get people staring at me when my child is slightly noisy, as if we've invaded their privacy. i feel sad sometimes when aisya drops her pacifier while im helplessly carrying her and all the other stuff, and the person in front of me merely shifts her feet so that i can bend down with everything on me to pick it up. i feel really sad to know that there are those among us who couldn't-care-less about others, who are like soulless-walking-flesh. I don't want sympathy, heck i dont even need it from you, what i do need is some consideration.

just imagine, if it affects a able-bodied person like me, what then to those single mothers carrying all her lil darlings along?

i promise myself that i would show my child(ren) not what they should do, but essentially how they would like others to treat them. the reason simply being, when the people treat me with little courtesy like opening doors and making ways in elevator, it warms and touch me, it strengthens my belief that they are good folks around, that people arent born nasty.

to those kind souls out there, my most genuine and heart-felt smiles are dedicated to you.

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