Friday, February 29


holla every1, this would be my 1st attempt in writing a blog.. rase mcm x confident enough nak tulis.. tp i do believe that sometimes maybe dgn menulis ni mungkin bleh buat fikiran bergerak sket kut.. asyik express msg guna mulut jekk, mungkin best kalau dpt tulis.. well, firstly, to my beloved husband; en ridz, which is currently not beside me, mintak izin sayang.. i want to launch my first post!! hehe kunun pandai la kan..

to be honest, the reason why i want to have this blog sbb lately slalu rase perkataan dlm otak mcm nak tumpah2.. nak bercerita pasal kerja, rutin seharian, ape jd on the road, and blablabla kat dearest ridz takut plak die pening.. hmm isteri aku ni suke sgt bercakap (ye ke awk sayang??).. so i choose to express all the feelings kat sini la kut nnt.. insyaalllah..

jam skrg pkul 8pm, another 1 hour left before my sayang balik dr class kat UM.. nak serve ape ni ekk utk dinner?? hmm ok nak pi mintak idea mama lah..

Thursday, February 28

here we go

Today would be exactly 3 months and 4 days since our marriage vows were solemnized. Alhamdulillah, semuanya berjalan lancar babe (dengan izinNya), and now i can be officially called a suami orang, rynn's to be exact.

Looking back at that day, couldn't really say everything was so smooth sailing. This was mainly due me getting sick 3 days before hari nikah sehinggalah hari bersanding. But kalau fikir lama sikit nak gelak pun ada. Just imagine ye i went to 3 different doctors on 3 separate days, getting 3 different diagnostics, with the last doctor saying it looked like some viral fever. Cuak giler babe, nak kahwin but plenty of symptoms pointing to dengue, ape kes? Relatives pula said it's just a typical thing to go through, demam pengantin kata depa. But anyway, that's passed i managed through everything though i was sick the whole time. I guess cinta kuat punya pasal, i found some inner strength chee wahh to carry on. FYI: From the bloodcount test i took later, i was indeed having viral fever.

I think my old gang bangers - naza, diza, ajib and sabri (my great moral support team, cheers!) tahu bertapa cuaknya i sebelum di-ijab kabulkan. Imagine the idea of shifting to an unknown domain, mestilah takutkan? But i guess any man would feel that immense feeling of responsibility of taking care of another person walaupun kadang2 terasa diri sendiri pun tak terjaga. And babe believe me, any man will feel as though they'll be caved in by all those pressure sebelum nikah tu.

But semua tu tak penting, what matters most at this particular moment is this overwhelming feeling of contentment that i feel. Blogging in bed while looking at this ethereal look on her face while she's in her deep sleep is immensely gratifying.

I tell you more why you should be married ")

Here's a slideshow of our wedding day for now