Sunday, July 27

going away

the last two days had been great, practically spent 2 whole day together, which we haven't done in ages due to our nature of business. so anyway, friday was spent sorting things out at the new house, while saturday was a real tight one, going to lynn's engagement (congrats gurl!), shopping in sunway, and packing stuff into the suitcase.

today i'm gonna be leaving home for 10 days, some kinda boot camp in faraway johor for the new job.

sayang is the first person i see when my eyes open and the last person that i look at before i sleep everyday, and that has been the thing for the last 8 months. i feel so heavy hearted to leave you, i feel life drain out of me when i even think about it. i feel this 10 days camp thing is just mental torture, *%$#@! hehe..
gonna miss you sayang!

here are some of sayang's latest tummy development taken at lynn's engagement yesterday. actually there's this ultrasound video of the baby, but i'm still trying to convert the file to make it smaller, that will to wait i guess.

Thursday, July 24

Da Crib!

It's been an exciting year for us: (Alhamdullilah)
  • newly married,
  • baby coming in december,
  • i'm reporting in to a new job come monday! =)
  • moving in to our new house! (hopefully)

Wednesday, July 16

it's all in the sheets

Hehe, it's was raining this morning, sayang went to work at quarter past seven and i had 2 hours to spare so, watched a dvd definately, maybe hehe, i'm such a sucker for romantics. i felt jingly + fuzzy watching it. Anyway that's the sturdy 6 year old compaq that's still going strong, minus the hiccups n kapoot battery.
Huhuhu, i've got a thing now for bed cover, sheet, whatever you call them, bought this funky looking one and it just colors the room, rite?
Oh, yeah we've got the keys to our new house (hooray!) already, can't wait for everything fall into place, the contractors repairing the defects and stuff. Life's happening as i type, baby's coming, we're finally gonna move in to our own place, and we're just 8 months married, hehe.

Friday, July 4


we haven't been to the movies in a long time, yesterday right after work, we went to catch a movie, i had really wanted to watch either wanted or hancock. But both were fully seated and well we had to take the next best thing on the list Sepi.

we've both enjoyed Cinta by Khabir Bhatia, an actual malay movie that's really worth those 9 bucks. so, apa lagi just try our luckla, hoping that it won't disappoint us. Hehe, and we enjoy our nite lar, walaupun we thought Cinta was better, and that Sepi had the potential to shine lar with tweaks here and there.

i tak reti nak review sangat movie ni, just that it looks at how sepi or loneliness is felt by everyone in different ways and magnitude. we all feel it, that sense of loliness how little or infrequent it is, we all go thru it. i guess everyone has experience that feeling of being physically surrounded by all these people, yet you feel yourself translucent, alone, detached and melancholic.

exaggerating kotkan, tapi seriously worth that 9 ringgit, we enjoyed it. the movie ended with this quote:

"yesterday is today's memory and tomorrow is today's future"
- khalil gibran