Tuesday, March 25

getting a house

Been busy lately, dah kahwin katakan. well, we've decided to move on to the next obvious stage of marriage - Our Own House. So from section 8 we'll be shifting our headquarters :P to Bandar Nusa Rhu which is located in Puncak Perdana (section U10).

Hohoho, for those who are planning to get a house, i think you'll need the help of experienced parents, relatives, colleagues or friends because it can be a daunting process. Dear wife & i don't know the first thing about buying a house, thank god rynn's dad is well experienced. So we didn't have to numb our minds figuring out lingos like MOT, MRTA, MLTA, BLRs, ZECs, NZECs, valuer, inilar itular, banyak lar ceritanya. Anyway, someone's housing loan got rejected, so we have luckily (Alhamdulillah) managed to get a house that is already completed with a CF, and we can probably move in once the bank approves and releases our loan which would be in 3-4 months(InsyaAllah), blablabla.

Here's a map of our house, i'll try to get a picture of the design, the developer is kinda still in the 19th century, no website lar. hehe will write again soon! The red arrow points to our house, got this image from google map.

Thursday, March 13

JUMPER the movie!!@@??!

it has been quite some time x tgk wayang... one year jugakla.. so yesterday would be the day that we chose to watch a movie.. tgk cerite JUMPER.. hmm the movie was quite boring actually.. terlampau tak logic.. yes, i do agree that 70% Hollywood movies ni bnyk yg rekaan semata2 mcm cerita narnia, lord of the rings, harry potter, star wars.. tp cerita2 yg tu semuanya menunjukkan yg org yg buat cerita tu berjaya create satu 'dunia' yg lain (yg mmg x wujud kat bumi) yg kadang2 bleh terima.. effort yg bersungguh2!! tak mcm JUMPER nih!! hish karut sgt..

those who have watched this movie might understand why i said so.. cerita buat kat alam nyata.. sekali pejam bleh smpai mana2 yg die suke!! perghh.. ade ke patut.. sbgai org islam, kite tau satu2 yg m'punyai sifat itu ialah Allah SWT. nasib baik dlm script cerita ni si PALADIN (pembunuh JUMPER) tu ade mention pasal kuasa yg hanya mampu dimiliki tuhan ni.. hmm cube kite compare dgn cerita DUYUNG.. kalau tanye org2 melayu kite ni, for sure takkan tgk DUYUNG, maklumla cerita org melayu.. kunun omputih sgt asyik nak tgk hollywood movies.. padahal kena tipu jugak.. bezanye sound effects je.. cerita?? lebih kurang sama ngarutnyee!! kan??

Thursday, March 6

food for thoughts

it's almost 9, need to get to work soon but i'm thinking about food at the moment, though i just had a quick bite at the mamak just now. why food then? it's because i didn't get to eat breakfast with dear wife today, she needed to go to work at 7.15, so breakfast without my wife is not breakfast at all.

food holds the key to your hubby's tummy and heart they say, true kot! Well, three months into the marriage, dear wife has been cooking up some very2 delicious vege-dishes for me. That's her forte at the moment. She did try cooking up some black pepper beef the other day, it was mouth watering lor (signals to dear wife).

as we are still staying in with our parents, it's rather difficult for rynn to experiment in the kitchen yet. The kitchen is her mom's domain and you don't just take over someone's territory over nite.

To work!

Monday, March 3

brokedown day for my "saga" taxi

benda ni happened on saturday; 1st march.. i worked for PM shift on that particular day.. dari start keje smpai mlm nak balik pkul 11pm, hati rase senang sgt, gelak2, makan2 ngan officemates dgn sukahatinye.. smpai nak blk, me n my friends sume turun lift utk ke basement car park.. dgn gumbiranye, i searched for the car key in my hndbag, found it and trus bukak pintu utk start enjin.. suddenly the hazard light ntah mcm mane bleh switch on, it was blinking and i couldn't start the car.. panikk seihh!! nasib sempat kejar kwn kat basement tu..

name pun perempuan, bukan bnyk sgt tau pasal kete ni, mcm2 suiz tekan dgn harapan enjin bleh hidup.. dah tak tau nak tekan ape kat dlm kete tu, kitorang dpt idea nak bukak tmpat enjin tu.. (mcm tau lah kan^-^) turned up kitorang tgk je, nak usik mane2 karang ter'shott' plak.. mati kutu, i called my sayang.. dlm 15 mins die sampai.. dlm tempoh 15 mins tu, dgn kurang bijaknye, i and my friend bleh ade idea nak tolak kete tu pi dekat dgn kereta lain.. sbb dah mlm, my car was parked jauh sket dari org lain.. so dgn gagahnye, kami tolak kereta, ermm takdelah berat sgt.. walaupun situation nmpk critical, kitorang masih gelak2.. dlm hati terfikir, apelah yg aku buat salah smpai tuhan hukum kete rosak ni.. isk

ridz dtg umpama SUPERMAN, check bateri and die punye suiz enjin, goyang2 sket pastu dah bleh start enjin mcm biase.. warkakakakaka!!

moral of the story:
  1. org tua2 slalu kata, jgn gelak2 terlampau; selalunye mesti ade benda sedih nak jadi lepas tu..
  2. perempuan mmg byk yg pandai drive tp belum tentu bleh repair kete walaupun utk benda se'simple' dlm cerita ni..
**special thanx to NADIAH, sbb tolong mlm tu!! yeay!!

Sunday, March 2


sometimes things don't go so right, and i am not talking about big quarrels or arguments, it's the little ones you have every now and then. The ones that crop up when you least expect it, over issues like how you drive, the way you sort your clothes, everything and anything can be an issue if it is dealt wrongly.

i think it always starts with me, i say the wrong things at the wrong times, and the words i choose and the intonation i carry seemed to have a tad of sarcasm. Words are not merely words, they carry more than that and i hurt my Sayang a lot because what i say are sometimes hurtful. i don't mean them, i mean all those remarks that i made i dunno why i ever said them, maybe i just talk to much sometimes. maybe i'm insensitive, maybe i'm inconsiderate, there are many excuses that i can i give, but they would never solve anything.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness

i'm sorry :(