Friday, August 29

hujan crap

it was a shitty day, was about to go into the bank, when a bird shitted on my head. A drop of bird poo on my head, holy crap!

Wednesday, August 20

baby's ultrasound at week 19+

mommy's latest progress

sayang's gonna end her second trimester very2 soon, and i've noticed a few things!

  • sayang's tummy development has really accelerated.
  • sayang is going through an uncomfortable phase as she's quite lethargic, her legs are swelling and she's experience itchiness, so i'm always feeling guilty not knowing how to help her out.
  • baby dearest can be visibly seen moving! Yes, it's true i'm currently going gaga with the ooohhs and the aaahhs when i look at sayang's tummy!

"In the pregnancy process I have come to realize how much of the burden is on the female partner. She's got a construction zone going on in her belly."

-Al Roker

Thursday, August 14


in the least words possible i would say that it's one of my best birthday ever, gifts in all shapes and sizes and i thank god for all the good things coming my way =] it's has been a good2 year

here's a gathering of sayang's and my family at holiday inn, glenmarie. will write more soon when time presents itself.

Thursday, August 7


after 12 days of bootcamp'ing', ridz is now on his way back to shah alam.. huhu, rinndu banget sama luk sayang!!! can't wait to see ur face, ur smile, ur phisical appearence.. manelah tau kan, kot2 ade 'grooming' session ke kan masa kursus tu.. hehe..

"Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, selamatkanlah perjalanan pulang suamiku yg tercinta.. Amin"