Tuesday, April 14

vivacious viva

my viva, lil racer, transporter, storage space is down.
shuk drove it up a road divider to avoid a mat rempit.

.the exhaust pipe is wrecked. (fixed)
.aircond is down.
.front bumper is slightly cracked and drooping a little.
.front tyre rims are dented.

shit happens

3 ♥ly comments:

Joanna Woon said...

Joanna strikes off Viva from her list of "Cars to be considered".

ridz said...

haha its a nifty car-lah, dont strike it off yet, so how's klang? good?

Joanna Woon said...

So far OK la. No complaints man. I am simple: Got food, got shelter, got transportation - then life is A O K!