Monday, April 13

house warming update

To be honest both of us were nervous bout the house warming for the new house in Nusa Rhu, sebelum ni cuma attend orang lain punya, pergi-makan-balik, but this time round we were the host and there were so many things that we had to think about.

Alhamdulillah at the end of it, everything went really well, and many thanks goes to both our parents for the labour and love that they put in, plus the financial stimulus that was injected into the whole project. Kudos to my darling wife for being such a steady soul, if it was left only to me sure bungkus punya. And thank you sayang aisya for being such a darling, our lil smiling ambasador.

And thank you family, friends and all that came, because if not of you sure a lot of food bungkus masuk tong sampah punya. macam harsh pulak, i mean you guys made our day-lah!

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