Thursday, May 1

a while ago

life was carefree a while back, attending lectures and hanging out and churning assignments, that's all in retrospect. just a a glimpse back, and i see a shoe junkie and gadget addict who was all too willing to detached from any responsibilities.

i think i've said that i wanted to buy the most expensive shoes i can afford with the first paycheck, and that i'll remain a devoted tech-cult, that i'll be technocrat or gadget-sexual as husni described. i've kept to none.

i still fall for shoes when i come across ones that catch my fancy, i still need to hold them and smell the leather, but the urge to buy has left me. i used to be so into tech stuff, reading and experimenting with them, but the only thing i have now besides my aging compaq is a new vodafone hsdpa wireless modem. though i still sometimes dream of my dell that was stolen from me.

changed are my wants and needs. i look forward to her smile when i get back from work, conversations over the phones with her thrills me, waking up in the morning to an angelic smile leaves me warm inside. these days, i look forward coming back to a growing belly, i am happy.

those were good days indeeds, but these are definitely better.

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