Wednesday, May 14

gynae visit

we've never seen anything so wonderful on the computer screen - our baby's heartbeats! Subhanallah..

hari ni we went to DEMC to do sayang's second check-up. The first check-up was with our regular doctor - Dr. Zaini. But being first timers, we decided that maybe we should play safe with a gynaecologist, and we met Dr. Mazita who was really pleasant and we think we want her to be on our team when sayang delivers, InsyaAllah..

sayang did an ultrasound and we saw our little baby swimming in sayang's womb. the baby was moving round and round, and the doctor showed us the baby's heartbeat. we know some of you like our friend diza would want to know whether it's a boy or girl. Well, at just 9 weeks, it's too early to tell you see, because the baby is still yet to take on the form of a baby. but the doctor said that by our next visit we can see lil's baby looking more human like. well whether it's a girl or boy, we'll leave it to God to decide, and we pray to him that our baby will be born perfect and healthy..

anyway, on the ultrasound screen, kita nampak baby punya heartbeat degup-degup tau, you can't really see the heart tau, but nampaklah jelas gak it blinking and blinking on the screen! So proud our lil' baby working hard to grow up!

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