Saturday, April 26

mommy & daddy to be!

Sayang is gonna be a Mommy!

i'm too elated to describe how i feel, seronok sangat tak tahu nak kata apa, i can only smile, and smile, and when we're together, we giggle and giggle. Both of us are thankful, excited, surprised, nervous, just emotionally overwhelmed.

too excited

we found out two weeks ago, so this is sort of a delayed transmission, but news is already spreading, so do doakan kesejahteraan baby kitorang ni kay? The baby is about 7 weeks old now and she/he probably gonna make his/her big showcase come this december, hehe!

i'm so so so happy that i think my beautiful bubbly wife deserves these. ini bukanlah sogokan but a token of love and appreciation (cheewah!) baby i want more babies tau!

versace glasses


2 ♥ly comments:

husni said...

haa tengok...

betul tak aku cakap?! aku tumpang gembira!

mr. izuan said...

tahniah.. tahniah..