Thursday, May 15

sayang's cravings

it's not easy looking at sayang carrying all the weight in this baby-business. as sayang's belly is getting bigger and bigger, i feel more and more helpless because i think i'll never understand and feel what she goes through everyday. i wish i could do more.

Syukur Alhamdullilah, sayang has not experienced any morning sickness thus far. but instead sayang would feel nauseated more during the night just before we go to sleep. sayang needs a lot of space in the bed because she get uncomfortable, the doctor said that it's due to her body readjusting itself.

sayang sangat2 baik in this pregnancy, tidak mengindam apa2 yang diluar jangkauan minda. cuma sejak last weekend sayang has been talking about eating steamboat but i couldn't find any so we compensated with nando's hot peri-peri. anyway today sayang's cravings was answered as the whole family went to a steamboat restaurant in subang perdana, but when the dish was served, sayang tak rasa nak makan bacause her appetite putus because of the aftertaste in the soup. so everyone pun makan sepuas hati except for sayang, sian dia.

that's about it, i'll keep you posted once we get back from our ipoh rendezvous, and maybe we'll show you sayang's growing silhouette.

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