Friday, August 21

selamat berpuasa

it's the fasting month, scared and holy, with the hot weather, h1n1 lurking, it will be a month of dugaan, insyallah timbul keinsafan di kalbu.

mak and syahmi is in madinah rite now, bless them for being there at this time, i miss mak's voice, i hope she's well there, the last i heard of her voice was on wednesday. i hope syahmi is enjoying himself as well.

it's been a tiring month for me physically and mentally, the long hours at work, the mental fatigue i've been experiencing, the list goes on. but a friend said that maybe things happen for reasons, sometimes beyond realistic explanations. "wan, mungkin kau tak cukup bersyukur kot", which was a simple yet acceptable explanation for me. sometimes we (I in this case) are just not grateful enough with the blessings that God has given us, we're so busy chasing what's it front of us, that we fail to see the simple luxuries we have. being happy with what we're endowed with, saying our thanks for may be the rite medicine to cure our heart of this burden. look and stop at others with leser fortunes, remember that the sun and air is still free might be what we need.

Selamat berpuasa dear families and friends, may your month be blessed. to my dear wife, i love you dear, more than ever, for ever and ever, for you i'm strong.

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Ah Jo said...

I am very sure you meant "SACRED and holy" and not Scared and holy. :)

Happy berpuasa ya.

ridz said...

lol. note error jo dear

hana_lalalala said...

selamat berpuasa u guys!

Miss Shareeda said...

hai hazrin.. selamat berpuasa juga.. ;p