Wednesday, August 19

she's stepping it up

Aisya ni suka kasi papa + mama dia secret surprises.

E.g: Yesterday while i was sending Opah (mak) and Paksu (syahmi) to KLia to catch their flight for their Umrah (alhamdullilah, see you guys in 14 days), mama dgn aisya duduk rumah tak ikut because of all this h1n1 thingy lar, sedih.

While i was there and they were @ home, both of them were watching tv & rynn nak ambik air or something so she left aisya in front of the tv for a few seconds, which is normal because lil ms. precious here is always preoccupied with her secret activities. When she came back from the kitchen rynn terus panic sebab she couldnt find aisya, so she called her name but there wasnt any reply.

Do guess where the lil angel was; yeap she was 3/4 of the way upstairs, doing all that in complete silence.

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lyana kamarul bahrin said...

ya Allah cute gilerrrr! especially bile dh sedar kantoi mama duk amik video senyap2 kt blkg, trus sengih cam, heeeee sori mamaaaaa.. :D