Friday, February 13

can i swear?

i work at place where the internet connection is claimed to be one of the fastest in the land.


Request Blocked by URL Filter Database

Your request to URL " =de%26u=" has been blocked by the Webwasher URL Filter Database. The URL is listed under categories (Anonymizing Utilities, Government/Military), which are not allowed by your administrator at this time. The following reputation level was assigned to it: Neutral.

go figure, toot.

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Joanna Woon said...

I grew up in an environment where Ah Beng and Ah Lians ruled our education environment. The very first swearing which I was exposed to was those mandarin swearing. Never really amazed me. Then during college, everything changed from Ah Beng speaking dudes to English speaking guys. They swear pretty much. Like an ordinary daily must-do thingy. Now, being almost 30, I swear from time to time. But my friends said I just do not have what it takes to pull through a cool swearing face. @#!%@&* (=_=)"
Oh well I still swear sometimes just to express joy & excitement!

ridz said...

lol, joanna what really caught my attention about your comment is really the "being almost 30" part. Sister, that thirty line is a bit beyond us yet, let it come very2 slowly, you sound like your 15 and can't wait for your driving license.

i think i swear a lot, both for good and bad reasons, and it's getting meaningless to swear really, it's like saying alamak, adui, that kind of expression, you know.

bila mau jumpa ar? lama sudah tak da jumpa =] best regards

Joanna Woon said...

I am coming back home to Malaysia for good in March. I will be staying at my parents' at Klang. So yeah we should make time to meet up and bring your family as well.

ridz said...

klang? where about? i'm somewhere there, interesting