Thursday, February 12

aisya sick

aisya was not too well yesterday. she was sick, we were worried sick.

aisya's a big smiler, laughs a lot, but yesterday while not feeling well, she didn't smile at all.

i felt butterflies in my stomach, so did rynn.

that must be what parents feel when their child is not well, endangered.

you should love your parents more, i do now.

aisya had a bit of fever + constipation, she's ok again today =)
mama rynn just came back from the pediatrician (dr. fadzillah), and say's that maybe aisya has cow's milk protein allergy, so we are gonna stop with the similac the current baby formula we're using and swith to nestle nan h.a. 1, so we gonna see how this one goes.

5 ♥ly comments:

Nurshuhada Zainon said...

what did the doctor say? get well soon aisya, auntie knows you are strong.

MazZjeDa said...

aisya...get well soon dear.....

ridz said...

her temperature slightly higher, and she had constipation

Nurshuhada Zainon said...

ala.. aisya constipated keee.. siannyeeeeeee..... sabar ye aisya.. kalau EBM camne rynn? Sian aisya, sedih mengenangkan baby yg tak sihat.. mmg anak sakit benda yg sangatlah merisaukan ibubapa.

rynn said...

EBM mmg continue lg.. formula hazrin standby takut EBM yg tinggal kat umah tak la salah satu sbb timbulnye rasa nak quit keje.. nak aisya fully BM.