Friday, July 4


we haven't been to the movies in a long time, yesterday right after work, we went to catch a movie, i had really wanted to watch either wanted or hancock. But both were fully seated and well we had to take the next best thing on the list Sepi.

we've both enjoyed Cinta by Khabir Bhatia, an actual malay movie that's really worth those 9 bucks. so, apa lagi just try our luckla, hoping that it won't disappoint us. Hehe, and we enjoy our nite lar, walaupun we thought Cinta was better, and that Sepi had the potential to shine lar with tweaks here and there.

i tak reti nak review sangat movie ni, just that it looks at how sepi or loneliness is felt by everyone in different ways and magnitude. we all feel it, that sense of loliness how little or infrequent it is, we all go thru it. i guess everyone has experience that feeling of being physically surrounded by all these people, yet you feel yourself translucent, alone, detached and melancholic.

exaggerating kotkan, tapi seriously worth that 9 ringgit, we enjoyed it. the movie ended with this quote:

"yesterday is today's memory and tomorrow is today's future"
- khalil gibran

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