Wednesday, July 16

it's all in the sheets

Hehe, it's was raining this morning, sayang went to work at quarter past seven and i had 2 hours to spare so, watched a dvd definately, maybe hehe, i'm such a sucker for romantics. i felt jingly + fuzzy watching it. Anyway that's the sturdy 6 year old compaq that's still going strong, minus the hiccups n kapoot battery.
Huhuhu, i've got a thing now for bed cover, sheet, whatever you call them, bought this funky looking one and it just colors the room, rite?
Oh, yeah we've got the keys to our new house (hooray!) already, can't wait for everything fall into place, the contractors repairing the defects and stuff. Life's happening as i type, baby's coming, we're finally gonna move in to our own place, and we're just 8 months married, hehe.

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JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam ziarah from Dublin.. :)

Yaya said...

wow..envy u guys..happily 2gether.. :)