Friday, April 11

knok.. knokk!! is there a doctor in the house??

You really want to know the whole story is it, sayang?? yess, u were talking last night!! even though your eyes were closed.. hee takutnyee!! ini yg awk cakap..

Ridz: oowwhh, uhumm, yes.. yess.. ok.. are you sure? she is pregnant? really really pregnant? hehehe..(continue smiling :D.. pastu dah start merapu wkrzpkh wkpszzz!@%$??)

In addition to that, you were also giggling (mcm happy sgt sbb doctor dlm mimpi tu beritahu good news). well, I'm not very sure whether the conversation was with a doctor or someone else.. but you sounded like you were talking to a doctor la sayang.. that's what i can tell..

Anyway sayang, i do realize that you can't wait to be a father.. lately suka sgt tgk babiess.. well, we'll pray together and hopefully Allah will grant us with His beautiful and wonderful gifts soon.. insyaallah

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husni said...

kadang-kadang igauan bukan sekadar kebetulan...

tunggu-tunggulah...mana tau...