Tuesday, March 25

getting a house

Been busy lately, dah kahwin katakan. well, we've decided to move on to the next obvious stage of marriage - Our Own House. So from section 8 we'll be shifting our headquarters :P to Bandar Nusa Rhu which is located in Puncak Perdana (section U10).

Hohoho, for those who are planning to get a house, i think you'll need the help of experienced parents, relatives, colleagues or friends because it can be a daunting process. Dear wife & i don't know the first thing about buying a house, thank god rynn's dad is well experienced. So we didn't have to numb our minds figuring out lingos like MOT, MRTA, MLTA, BLRs, ZECs, NZECs, valuer, inilar itular, banyak lar ceritanya. Anyway, someone's housing loan got rejected, so we have luckily (Alhamdulillah) managed to get a house that is already completed with a CF, and we can probably move in once the bank approves and releases our loan which would be in 3-4 months(InsyaAllah), blablabla.

Here's a map of our house, i'll try to get a picture of the design, the developer is kinda still in the 19th century, no website lar. hehe will write again soon! The red arrow points to our house, got this image from google map.

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husni said...

cakap kat developer tu bsursicub4...baru la cool!!!