Thursday, March 6

food for thoughts

it's almost 9, need to get to work soon but i'm thinking about food at the moment, though i just had a quick bite at the mamak just now. why food then? it's because i didn't get to eat breakfast with dear wife today, she needed to go to work at 7.15, so breakfast without my wife is not breakfast at all.

food holds the key to your hubby's tummy and heart they say, true kot! Well, three months into the marriage, dear wife has been cooking up some very2 delicious vege-dishes for me. That's her forte at the moment. She did try cooking up some black pepper beef the other day, it was mouth watering lor (signals to dear wife).

as we are still staying in with our parents, it's rather difficult for rynn to experiment in the kitchen yet. The kitchen is her mom's domain and you don't just take over someone's territory over nite.

To work!

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