Tuesday, February 9

heavy headed

my head feels heavy and so does my heart,

its confirmed, the letter is on its way, i've been called on to my compulsory six months course, i'm gonna leave on the first of March with a heavy heart.

just so if u are wondering where i'm going, its off to the National Institute of Public Administration, to attain a Diploma in Public Admin, a prerequisite to attain confirmation as an Administrative & Diplomatic Officer.

the thing is, wifey is gonna deliver soon, and i won't be around during the confinement period, and by the time i get back, dear baby will be 7 months old, and she's not gonna recognize me, huhuhu :***( . i know i'm being melodramatic here, but geesh its gonna be quite sometime away from my loved ones, because i wont have the pleasure of coming home on weekends.

i dunnolah, people like to say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, i feel weak i my stomach right now and i'm no tough guy.


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Haniza Schlosser said...

Don't worry, you'll be back just in time when the baby is starting to see the world and recognize people. Let her hear your voice every day via skype or phone so that when she does see you, she will recognize you right away. Other suggestion is to leave a t-shirt with your smell in her crib, maybe you can mail a shirt once every month so that she can have your fresh "scent". Babies sense of smell is stronger than her eyes at this point in time. Best of luck and when you get back, you will insyallah bring better prospects to your family, so it's a good sacrifice.