Saturday, February 13

aisya hospitalized

salam peeps,

Aisya is currently warded at KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital (formerly Selangor Medical Center) in Sec. 20 S. Alam.

After a week of on and off fever, diarrhea and recent bout vomiting, we decided to try this hospital instead of our regular DEMC. Its really a challenge caring for a sick baby at home because you are almost clueless as what should be done because babies aren't able to tell you whats wrong with them, and you sometimes cant really figure if ur really attending to their needs.

So we met a new paediatrician, Dr. Yasmin, found her pleasing and comforting enough to consult us, and she recommended aisya to be warded for observation. Took a blood test, and it pains you to see you darling child screaming her lungs off, rasa nak nangis tengok.

Blood test showed some kind of viral infection, this would be the second time she's warded for this thingy, hmmm zaman kite besar dulu jarangkan dengar viral fever ni?

So, setelah lenguh2 badan duduk kat ward, i pun turun ke dai mamak update blog guna HP ni, susah jugak tulah ayat sedikit meracau, anyway aisya's getting better and she's at ward 3A, room 344 if u happen to be around here, just drop by =).

Tats all folks, trala

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Anonymous said...

Doktor tu tak habis explain kot, virus is the commonest cause of fever in children, even adults. Kalau bacterial cause, demam biasanya lebih teruk, temperature lagi tinggi. Zaman kita dulu jarang sebab kalau demam tak terus bawa ke hospital, blood test kot. Anyway,I hope she'll be fine soon.

ridz said...

hehe, thanks for enlightening me