Sunday, September 28

sneak peek of da crib (2)

hehe, did a wee bit of movin today, and it's only part of the wedding gifts from you guys! i think we'll be ready to move in after eid, after the curtains are are done, you need at least that to move in! oh yeah i did a bit of baby shoppin again! hehe peace!

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin from both sayang and me!

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husni said...

i hate to do this...but it's "peek" not "peak" :P

ridz said...

lol, noted sir!

Izuan said...

don't forget the redundant 'are' hahaha

Joanna Woon said...

Ridz, how do you post such big size pic onto your blog ah? Mine is like only the standard size. Sorry, blogging dummy here.

ridz said...

izuan: pi la hang, hehe

joanna: upload your images at that's the one that i'm using, but there are other free image providers out there like photobucket and stuff

The Mrs-Bride said...

hi rynn&ridz!

i'm knits, mye's good friend! ingat lagi ke? :) oh well. found ur blog thru nolly's. nice one! wahhh.. counting days to become parents ekk.. besh nyee! CONGRATS okeh..

okieday! take care rynn! take care u two.. :)

p.s. umah ni beli sendiri ke? wahh.. niceee!