Wednesday, December 16

teramat sibuk

pheww, it's been really hectic. there's never enough time, and i miss writing about dearie wife and aisya sayang. in fact, i have a meeting to catch up to in 10 minutes.

i'll rush through the things i wanna say,
  • wife, i love u especially when u're pregnant, even though at times u think ur fat and unattractive, but dear, doubt not, your growing tummy is the loveliest sight to behold.
  • dear daughter, happy 1st birthday ever, papa's been slacking a lot, too tired to play sometimes with you my lil angel. It's been trying times for me of late, financially, work and what not. I'll make it up to you, i promise.
  • dear daughter, i dunno but i just notice that u are like me in many funny ways. U talk in your sleep like i do, fart as indiscriminately as i, and forever restless in your undertakings as i have all my life. i love u for the little smiles, and whacks u give me in the face, i know i deserve those.
got work to do, people to meet, memos to signs, and im not sure what i doing sometimes. but this i know, i wanna get home and kiss both my love tonight!

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Nurshuhada Zainon said...

a ah ryn, you tak gemuk pun. cun je.