Monday, January 5

our lil munchkin is one month old!

Yeah! papa ridz and mama rynn wishes lil' aisya a happy first-montha-birthday!

Here are some tidbits to share:
  • ridz is still confused (he refers to himself as ayah sometimes papa to aisya) and is considering to add dad or daddy to the list.
  • mama rynn has proven to be a top notch supermom, attending 2 weddings and a trip back to ipoh even before 44 days of berpantang ain't yet over. hmmm...
  • from our observation aisya's favourite menu consists of milk, milk, milk and more milk.
  • she's like to stretch up to an hour before she actually opens her eyes, and
  • aisya mysara likes to frown (berkerut like her mama) a lot, as though there a lot of stuff to think about.

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A baby will make love stronger,
days shorter,

nights longer,

bankroll smaller,

home happier,
clothes shabbier,
the past forgotten,
and the future worth living for

4 ♥ly comments:

hana_lalalala said...

comellllllll. mcm riz la muka dia. hehe

hana_lalalala said...

oh btw, i noticed u linked my blog. i private mine now. give me your email address so that i can invite you!!!


im so happy and jealous of u guys! i want a baby too. haha

Nurshuhada Zainon said...

she exctly replicates ridz hehe. cute!

hidayah said...

aisya mysara..her name as cute as her face. Very dearie..!! btw, i'm one of your silent reader..happy one montha birthday lil munchkin...!!